Levodopa Cyclops™ in Dutch magazine ‘Tijdschrift voor Neurologie en Neurochirurgie (TNN)’

Inhaled levodopa for the rescue treatment of OFF episodes in Parkinson’s disease

OFF episodes are an unmet medical need with a great impact on the quality of life of Parkinson’s disease patients. Oral levodopa does not prevent the occurrence of OFF episodes, nor enables their fast resolve, mainly because of a highly variable and unreliable absorption through this route of administration. The pulmonary administration of levodopa results in faster and more reliable systemic absorption, which makes it a promising alternative for the rescue treatment of OFF episodes. As the first levodopa dry powder inhalers are in development or registered, it will become clear in the nearby future whether inhaled levodopa can fulfil its promise.

Full article (in Dutch) via this link: ‘Geïnhaleerde levodopa voor het couperen van OFF-fases bij de ziekte van Parkinson’,