Cyclops® is an easy-to-use, pre-filled dpi that is developed for inhalation powders. Upon inhalation it uses the patient’s breath to disperse the dry powder formulation into small particles appropriately sized for deep lung deposition. It can be produced in a cost-effective way because of its simple yet sophisticated proprietary design. Cyclops® has several advantages compared to standard-of-care DPIs across key therapeutic areas. These attributes enable the hygienic and effective use on a worldwide scale. One product, Colistin Cyclops®, is already available to patients and reimbursed under a named patient regimen for the treatment of cystic fibrosis. Single- and multi-use versions of Cyclops® available.

Cyclops® High Speed Camera Movie

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PureIMS’ single-use dry powder inhaler, Cyclops®Classic has been available for several years and has been extensively tested with small molecule formulations as well as biologics and vaccines. Excellent results with respect to dose emission and dispersion were obtained for each of these formulations. This model is to be discarded after having used it once.

Cyclops®Switch & Cyclops®Charge

In Q1 2023 PureIMS filed a patent application for two different multi-use models, increasing the flexibility and sustainability of Cyclops® inhaled therapies. The new multi-use models function on the basis of the same effective dispersion technique as Cyclops® Classic.


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The Cyclops® Switch model contains a non-removable, but slidable cartridge with two separate integrated pre-filled dose compartments, either for one dose comprising two inhalations, or for two separate doses at different time points.


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The Cyclops® Charge model allows pre-filled cartridges with a single dose compartment to be easily replaced after emptying by inhalation.

Selecting the right Cyclops® model

Selecting the optimal Cyclops® model per therapy will be driven by factors like the required dose, the dosing interval as well as potential medical limitations the patient is facing at the time of taking the drug. During the development stage of the drug-inhaler combination, PureIMS with partners involved will select the best model to offer patients the most effective and user-friendly inhaler type.


Scientific papers on Twincer™/Cyclops®