In addition to the development of our proprietary PureIMS pipeline products, we also offer our Cyclops™ platform  through a collaborative approach.

In this co-development framework, PureIMS provides its Cyclops™ Dry Powder Inhaler and partners bring in their powder formulation, with the objective of jointly developing the best drug-inhaler combination.

Cyclops™  has demonstrated its exceptional potential by achieving unmatched dispersion results, thanks to its patented Air Classifier Technology, mostly with minimal excipient usage and straightforward formulation techniques, such as spiral jet milling.

The key to creating the best drug-inhaler combination lies in the delicate equilibrium of forces at play:
  • cohesive and adhesive forces within the formulation,
  • dispersion forces within the inhaler, and
  • deposition forces within the patient’s respiratory system.
Our experts possess a profound understanding of this intricate balance and consistently aim at the highest achievable Fine Particle Fraction (FPF) and emission rates, keeping the number of inhalations needed as low as possible. Step by step, we determine the necessary adjustments, whether to the Cyclops™ platform or the powder formulation itself, to optimize drug delivery to the lungs.

Flexible contracts prevent any potential roadblocks that could impede the development process.

Having determined and produced the best drug-device combination, PureIMS supplies the pre-filled Cyclops™ inhalers for the clinical development program. Importantly, we maintain the flexibility to make adjustments to the drug-inhaler combination should the results from human studies necessitate such changes.

Our GMP facilities enable us to manufacture Cyclops™-based products at a clinical scale, while the scalable Cyclops™-formulation process is fortified by strong partnerships with several leading market-scale production line developers.

Approaching the end of the clinical development program, agreements are set up for production after marketing authorization, with technology transfer as an option.

In the initial feasibility phase, partners typically engage with PureIMS through a Fees for Services model, compensating us for the work we deliver. Before entering the clinical phase a Cyclops™ license is obtained and development milestones are determined, followed by post marketing royalty payments for Manufacturing and Supply (M&S).

We look forward to exploring the possibilities of a mutually beneficial partnership with you and invite you to reach out to Frank Lambert, Executive Director Commercialization to initiate further discussions with PureIMS.